Ala Carte

Express Detail


(1 ½ Hours)
Remington Best Exterior carwash, a thorough cleaning of the interior, clean and apply protectant to all vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber parts of the interior. A good cleaning that does not remove carpet stains.

Steam Cleaning/Shampoo


(2 Hours)
Remington uses high quality chemicals and equipment to achieve professional results that you won’t get at home. We remove dirt, sand and food particles from your carpets and upholstery and are able to remove most spots and stains.

Claybar/Buff Wax/Wheels and Tires


(3 hours)
Remington returns the shine to your vehicle. A professional process that can remove some scratches and blemishes, while achieving a deep shine and protection.

Nano Coating and Interior Protection Package


(3 hours)
Produces an extreme protective barrier for up to 2 years. Applied to the paint, creates an intense class like shine that can fill minor scratches and swirls.

Ala Carte Add-Ons

Rhino-Mat Shampoo & Dry Service- $3.00 per mat or $10.00 for 4
Rust-Oleum Undercarriage - $3.00
Tire Shine - $3.00
Rust-Oleum Carnauba Wax - $3.00
Air Freshener - $1.00