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Full Service Carwash Specializing in State of the Art Wash Experience.

Full Service - Detailing

Offering a Wide Range of Services Including Towel Drying, Interior Services, Detailing Services.


Every 7th Carwash Free

a la carte

A choice between Express Detail, Steam Cleaning/Shampoo, Claybar/Buff Wax and Nano Coating.

Is Your Dirty Ride Cramping Your Style?

Is Your Dirty Ride Cramping Your Style?

Show off your automo(baby) with a car wash in Battle Creek, MI

Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to your car, you have to admit they play a big role. If your ride is dingy, you might not even want to be seen in it! Do you desperately need a carwash? Visit Remington Carwash in Battle Creek, MI.

Remington Carwash only uses the finest cleaning agents like G-Flex Foam to get your car, truck or SUV looking good as new. Preserve your car’s delicate finish with a carwash today! Call us at 269-964-0879 to learn more.

Get the royal treatment with a full-service car wash

Don’t you hate going through the hassle of a carwash just to have to clean the interior yourself afterwards? If you live in Battle Creek, MI, there’s a better way. You can visit Remington Carwash and utilize our full service option. Trust us to:

Clean out any garbage
Vacuum your car’s interior
Wipe the front and side dashes
Clean the windows
Wipe down your tires and rims
Dry off your car’s exterior
Shampoo your car’s upholstery

When you purchase a full-service carwash, you won’t have to lift a finger! Ready to clean up your driving act? Visit Remington Carwash in Battle Creek, MI today.

Keep your car in excellent condition with our loyalty program

At Remington Carwash, we love repeat customers. When you’re happy with our services, we’re happy, too! That’s why we offer incentives for you to keep coming back. Bring it to Remington Carwash when your car needs cleaning and we’ll throw in your 7th wash for free.

Have you heard about our express pass program? You can choose from a number of carwash packages starting at just $40. Call us today at 269-964-0879 to learn more.

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